Welcome to JF Automotive, using advanced technlogy to fine tune & remap your engine and gearbox.

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EcoBlue Remapping

Up to 20% fuel savings with cleaner emissions and improved drivability

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Performance Remapping

Up to 35% more bhp and torque for every day road use

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Switchable Remapping

JFA Touch Tune
Switch between up to 5 Maps!

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Gearbox Remapping

Faster gearshifts, unlock more torque and quicker response times

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Corporate Fleet Fuel Saving

Have your fleet tuned today to start saving your business money

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JFA Online Tuning Shop

Browse the JFA Online Shop today with home tuning products available today to order!

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Rolling Road Tuning

Mustang 2000BHP AWD Linked dyno facilities to assist our research and development

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Racing Simulation

Racing Simulator technology is redefined in the Vesaro Formula 1 Simulation rig

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JFA Edition

JF Automotive Edition Package, providing a bespoke package for our customers requirements.

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Find your vehicle
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JF Automotive's growing dealer network making it easy to take advantage of our software all around the world.

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Rolling Road, Dyno Facilities Kent

  • Comprehensive £2million Insurance Backed software

  • Zero Impact On Your Manufactures Warranty

  • 30 Day No Quibble Money Back Guarantee

  • Custom Written Software To Your Vehicle

  • Up To 20% Improved Fuel Economy

  • Up To 40% More BHP & Torque

  • Lifetime Tuning Software Support

  • Dealer Network

All software is developed by the JF Automotive technical centre using years of experience, data and our in house dyno facilitys.
This purpose built research and development centre, with dyno can manage all 2WD and 4WD vehicles up to 2000BHP. We are able to simulate real life road conditions to accurately measure engine power at the wheels before & after our tune including a multitude of parameter logging.

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