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JFA Performance & Sound Kit released to rival MPPSK

Thinking about buying the BMW MPPSK kit? Here's a better option with some real gains.

At JF Automotive we felt M-Power’s tuning effort was a bit weak for the costs involved. The MPPSK kit is a great idea, but 360BHP & 500Nm just isn’t enough for a performance enthusiast…and while they’re limited by marketing tactics, we’re not. This means we can offer a kit offering a better sound, and M4 performance for the same costings. Better than that, it’s available as a mail order kit that any local garage should be able to install in around 2-3hrs.

Pricing varies depending on exhaust tip options (pictured in case study)

Option 1 – JFA Install at our dyno centre in Maidstone, Kent.

We dyno test the car, fit the parts, then re-dyno and fine tune the module as required. Price includes labour, dyno time & VAT.

From £2245

Option 2 – JFA Post out the kit for you to install.

Kit includes exhaust, pre-calibrated module & all fitting instructions for a DIY fit or a local garage to fit. Estimated 2.5-3hrs to install. Price includes UK Mainland shipping & VAT.

From £2065

Read more in our case study – Performance sound kit

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