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NEW RELEASE – XHP Gearbox tunes for BMW ZF8

Shift faster with more torque!

We now support F-Series vehicles with the ZF8HP transmission. The first release covers M135i/M235i/335i/435i and 535i cars in all body shapes. This means finally a true gearbox remap can be offered, offering even more power & new levels of performance than were previously possible!

Support for other models with N57 and B58 engine will follow next. Other engine/body combinations will get added in line depending on market pull.

Stage 1
The Stage 1 map takes care of everything you need to have when running an engine tune on your car. If you are plagued by the dreaded 3rd and 6th gear torque limit, but want to retain 100% stock behaviour this is the map to go.

Stage 2
The Stage 2 map is a massive re-design and lets you access hidden shift programs and gives the driver maximum freedom of choice. We invested a lot of time in reversing the code and unlocking hidden gems. The redefined setup is now behaving similar like in M-Cars where you can freely configure the shift-speeds in 3 levels, no matter if you are in D, S or M mode. You can always select your preferred shift program and combine it with the speed and firmness you like. Off course the calibration is launch control enabled and adds features like staying in Sport-Mode, even with Traction Control turned off. Our Tip: Set your transmission in D+Sport for a totally new daily drive experience! Super-Fast but smooth, combined with an aggressive exhaust note during shifts + a bit of burbles on downshifts.

Stage 3
The Stage 3 map has all the features of the prior Stages, but adds a bit of excitement to your S+SportPlus mode. Put your gear lever into S and select Sport+ with the DEC switch to be ready for maximum acceleration. This mode has only goal: Maximize acceleration and shift like a racing driver would do it. If you are engaged in roll-racing or drive on a race-track, just set your transmission to S+ SportPlus and it will take care of the rest and extract maximum acceleration out of your car all the time.

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