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xDelete For BMW

Want To Enjoy The Classic Feel Of A RWD BMW But You've Got An xDrive? Not A Problem With An xDelete Flash.

Most new BMW’s come with the option of an All-Wheel Drive System called xDrive. This makes the car more stable on the roads, especially in poor conditions (which we get a lot in the UK!). AWD also provides the car great traction which minimises wheel spin too. However, many people still much prefer the feel of a Rear Wheel Drive car. They are a lot more lively and are actually more efficient in the summer. If you are reading this with have the same opinion and own an xDrive BMW, an xDelete flash might be the perfect service for you.

The flash is a simple plug-and-play system that we activate through the OBD port in any BMW. It is 100% safe and is specifically written to work with no external hardware. This means no alterations to the car out of the factory. We offer a package that allows you to pop into us whenever you want to change your vehicle from AWD to RWD or visa versa and you can be on your way within no longer than 5 minutes. Some people love the feel of their cars in Rear Wheel Drive and never want to reactivate their xDrive system!


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