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Audi RS4 B9 Engine Tuning

Audi RS4 B9 Engine ECU Remapping & Tuning

We strive to offer the very best Audi RS4 B9 engine tuning and gearbox tuning across the world for as many makes and models as possible here at JF Automotive. To do this we spend uncountable amount of hours at our research and development facility on the latest vehicles models.

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Audi RS4 B9 Stock Results

Audi claim 444BHP and 600Nm out the factory at the crank for this engine and yet the initial dyno runs and data logs revealed that it is actually producing 460BHP and 680Nm torque. This is quite common for a german manufacture and especially Audi to understate their figures by so far. The same goes for the 0-62mph time that we recored of 3.5sec and with Audi claiming 4.1sec! Lets also not forget this engine is produced by Audi and Porsche division together, hence its a stonker of an engine!

We recorded the power figures on our Mustang 2000BHP AWD linked dyno which measures a wheel horsepower and torque and then we apply our estimated drivetrain percentage loss to these figures which gives an estimated flywheel power. The P3 Gauge we installed into the air vent which picks up the speed through the OBD port recorded the 0-62mph times.

Audi RS4 B9 Engine Tuning Options

We first developed our plug in tuning module kit for the Audi RS4 B9 to provide a quick, easy and safe tuning option. This adaptive tuning module kit plugs into various engine sensors like turbo pressure and cam shaft (RPM) so that we can control turbo pressure safely using a custom map that we setup and develop on the module.
For 3-4 weeks, we tested the car on the dyno and on the road for the perfect setup while data logging the engine to maintain manufacture safety levels.

Audi RS4 B9 Engine Tuning Tuned Results

520BHP and 775Nm! Enough said.

Ok so that’s the peak numbers we have seen on the dyno using our plug in module kit but we actually pulled the torque back to 750Nm for a smoother drive all round. Data logged and checked for safety the engine is running beautifully and the car drives like a factory finished product. Call up today to talk about getting your RS4 to these figures!

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