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Mercedes E63 ECU Remapping

Mercedes E63 S Engine Tuning

Mercedes E63 ECU Remapping is the number one choice for modifying your AMG. The 2017 Mercedes E63S power plant now pushes 604bhp and 850Nm with a new 4WD system to help tame it.

Development of our Stage 1 performance Tune for the new Bosch MED7.7.5 ECU fitted to the E63’S engine bay has been completed successfully.

As with any development the vehicle was subject to data-logging to ascertain the stock Boost Pressure, RPM, Intake Air Temperatures, Ignition Timing and much more. The “S” model is already a tuned version of the base E63 meaning turbo pressure levels had already been marginally increased, although still way below its turbo’s potential, which mean there is plenty of room for adjustment and the ultimate goal, safe power.

After a few runs on the dyno, we noticed that the car makes considerably more power than the manufacturer figures, but this is quite common with german manufacture vehicles. The dyno results showed this engine produced 643bhp and 901Nm – a staggering 39bhp & 51Nm up over the manufactures figures.

After extensive data logging on the dyno , we proceeded to remove the ECU for our development team to download the current Mercedes AMG software for re-calibration. Re-calibrating software requires  access to all areas of the software making sure every map is adjusted to the correct setting and leaving in place the safety temperature based maps for engine longevity.

Now the ECU software has been recalibrated we set upon the next set of dyno runs with constant data logging. We also data log the vehicle on the road in a range of different driving styles and situations making sure its drives fantastic while maintaining fuel economy under motorway driving. We re-scan the vehicle for any fault codes to check we haven’t missed anything in the coding and to to check all of the Mercedes functions still work like cylinder deactivation.

Our stage 1 software gave positive figures of 698bhp & 981Nm of Torque with a safe a consistant AFR (Air Fuel Ratio)

Mercedes E63 ECU Remapping is not the only service we provide at JF Automotive,

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