JFA Flashtec CMD Professional Tuning Package

Product code: JFATT00003

This JFA CMD professional tuning package gets you started in the tuning industry; you can customise this package to your requirements. CMDFlash, developed by Flashtec S.A. (Switzerland) is a leading tool in the professional chip tuning industry. Its unbeatable software, programming stability, speed backed by professional support makes this tool one of the bets on the market.

  • Customise this package to your requirements
  • CMD tool with full SW package
  • OBD K-line, CAN, DoiP ENET
  • VAG firmware FRF/ODX/SGO flasher
  • BOOT / Bench Interface for all supported processors ST10, C167, RENESAS, TRICORE, TC29x, MPC5777.
  • BDM – MPC5xx
  • Read / write encrypted files
  • All accessories included for OBD, boot and bench

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