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Pipercross Performance Air Filters

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Most drivers don’t realise the air filter is one of the most important parts on your vehicle’s engine to maintain peak power and fuel economy. We recommend upgrading to a Pipercross performance air filter to provide the simplest, most effective entry point into upgrading your engine.

Why Choose Pipercross?

Pipercross has been making high performance air filters for the domestic and motorsport markets for over 25 years. Based in England, Pipercross is situated  with some of the largest names in motorsport engine design and manufacturing processes in the world.In the 25 years Pipercross have helped racing teams win British, European and world wide championships. Development with these race teams has been the success of Pipercross air filters to produce the most technologically advanced filters on the market today.

Pipercross Cold Air Induction System

Pipercross induction systems remove the restrictive factory airbox to offer the maximum possible airflow into the engine. All filters use Pipercross composite airflow technology and systems are only released for production when they are bench-flow tested and make an improvement in airflow performance. Pipercross induction sytems are highly recommended for optimum performance.

Lifetime Product Warranty

  • Washable and reusable design.
  • Layered multi-density foam technology.
  • Designed and made in Britain.

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