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Speed Limiting

JF Automotive can quickly remove or even set factory or dealer speed limiters on many cars, vans, light commercials and even some HGV trucks.

Benefits from speed limiting

  • Prevents the driver from cruising at high speeds saving fuel
  • Prevents the driver from hard driving
  • Increases engine longevity due to more sedate driving
  • Can increase service times for variable service schedules
  • Reduces overall CO2 output
  • Preserve company image
Typically a Transit 260 or 280S 2.2-litre 85PS low-roof van driving 10mph below the motorway limit could save more than 19 per cent on fuel consumption at cruising speeds – alongside a similar percentage cut in CO2 emissions.
By limiting speeds to 65mph, a saving of more than 10 per cent at cruising speeds is possible on the same model, again with a corresponding 10 per cent-plus reduction in CO2 emissions.From £75.00

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