Gearbox Tuning for automatic, tiptronic, and paddle shift vehicles!

OBD Flash Tool

The Elite Flash provides gearbox tuning to increase the performance and drivability of any automatic geared vehicle. Elite Flash is an OBD flash tool that not only unlocks manufacturer’s transmission settings within the vehicles ECU to give smoother and quicker gear shifts, It also now provides an adaptation reset as standard which helps you get the most from your car. This is a great tool in releasing the most from you vehicle.

What does TCU Elite Flash OBD Tool offer?

  • Up to 40% faster gearshifts.
  • Locks up torque converter at lower rpm.
  • Smoother gear shifting.
  • Faster reaction to paddle shift inputs.
  • Quicker acceleration.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • Invisible to dealer diagnostics.
  • Will not change flash counter.

Will this work on my vehicle?

If your vehicle meets the following criteria, then yes it will work!

  • Automatic, tiptronic or has paddle shifters
  • Built after 2001>on
  • Has an OBD Port

How do I use the OBD Tool?

It’s really very easy to use.

  • Switch ignition On
  • Plug flash tool into OBD port
  • Wait between 30-90 seconds and the tool will beep.
  • Switch ignition Off
  • Start engine and allow it to idle for 5 minutes
  • Done.

Now all you need to do is let the adaptions take place over 50-100 miles to feel the full benefit of Elite Flash.

Is the tool reusable?

It’s only reusable on the first vehicle it flashes as it will lock to the vehicles VIN. If your vehicle goes into dealer for a software update, then you may re-flash your gearbox again as many times as you like.

DO NOT plug this into another vehicle as this can cause damage to VIN or Data within the control units.

How does this gearbox tuning tool work?

By plugging this OBD tool into your car it communicates to the cars on board network via OBD which allows access to the ECU, TCU and other controllers if required to adjust/reset the shift strategies within the OEM control components to “point” or “re-address” these strategies to the best and most optimal settings.

This includes changing the transmission shift speed pointer to a faster/different setting. We can do this safely and without fault because of the wide tolerances vehicle manufactures build into software and hardware. They all contain similar if not the same generation components, usually built in the same factory, but have model specific software strategies that are used for their specific application.

How much does this cost?

From £299 to £899 depending on the vehicle –

>We are currently offering an introductory 10% off these prices! 30.10.18


Customer Reviews

Another little mod done on the M5! TCU flash tune, really made a difference to the gearbox on shifting speeds, paddle reaction and smoothness. Over the moon with the results, thanks JF Automotive.

“Joe Shutt” – BMW E60 M5 DCT

I was a bit sceptical as it took 30 seconds to load and I thought is that it!

Instructions were very simple. Within 5 minutes it was complete and I’d had the car idling for a further 10 minutes.

I then set out slowly as per the instructions and drove for about 15 mins around town with lots of stop, starting and just slowly running through the gears but not at any great speed.

Immediately I could feel the gears were changing much quicker on the 8 speed ZF gearbox. I’d say it was much smoother and when pushing on could feel more of the torque being used which made for a more brisk but comfortable ride.

Only done 10miles so far and the instructions state will only get better as the adaptations complete over the next 50 to 100 miles.

This is a fantastic upgrade to complement the ECU remap already done to the car.

Very pleased and look forward to seeing how much more better this will get!

“Vijay Patel” – Range Rover Sport SDV6 2014 Hybrid

Elite flash tcu tuning Elite flash tcu tuning Elite flash tcu tuning

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