Reduced intake temperatures, Increased fuel octane content & a cleaner engine.

Water Methanol Injection Kits

A Water Methanol Injection kit will offer lower intake temperatures, lower cylinder temperatures, reduced carbon build up & increased fuel octane. This helps for a number of reasons – firstly the colder air is, the more oxygen it carries meaning the fuel will burn more efficiently.  Secondly it allows the tuner to request and hold higher boost pressure without the risk of overheating the IAT (Intake Air Temperatures) and gaining more power throughout the entire rev range. We also find the water methanol effectively steam cleans the internals of the engine as you drive.


  • Reduced intake temperatures
  • Increased fuel octane rating
  • Cleaner engine
  • Dyno proven horsepower and torque gains
  • Provides smoother power curve

JF Automotive offer WMI kits from both Devilsown & Coolingmist, we’ve found the quality and performance of these brands second to none & they keep proving themselves time and time again on the dyno.

Have a look at our case study below – we bolted a kit onto a standard BMW 335D & made 385BHP!

Water Methanol Case Study

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