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Performance Software

Stage 1, 2 & 3 software for more bhp and torque for every day road use

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Gearbox Software

Faster gearshifts, unlock more torque and quicker response times

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Rolling Road Tuning

Mustang 2000BHP AWD Linked dyno facilities to assist our research and development

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Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser

Stop a car thief cloning your key or starting it via OBD.

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eco-Blue Software

Up to 20% fuel savings with cleaner emissions and improved drivability.

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Car Servicing Maidstone

Is your car in need of a service? You're in luck! Our experienced mechanics have the comprehensive knowledge to help.

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Adaptive Tuning Module

Plug & Play Tuning from our adaptive multi channel module system

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Elite Race Software

Race software designed for track, super & hyper cars!

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We offer a warranty package with WarrantyAssist for every purchase made with us.

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XHP Gearbox Tuning

Stage 1, 2 & 3 Gearbox software tunes - Full manual conversions, reduced shift times, increased torque limiters & more!

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Elite Flash - OBD TCU TOOL

Gearbox tuning with the all new OBD flash tool - Compatible with most automatic vehicles!

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Milltek Sport Performance Exhaust

High performance designed and built in Britain exhaust system with choice of tip styles.

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Remus Sport Performance Exhaust

Dyno & sound chamber developed performance exhaust systems - Incredible quality & sound!

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Touch Tune

Switchable home tuning has never been so easy and safe

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Forge Motorsport Intercooler

Reduce the intake air temperatures by as much as 30-40c for more power!

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Pipercross Performance Air Filter

From High flow replacement panel air filters to cold air intakes with up to 30% more air flow.

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P3 Gauge - Custom Integrated Multi-Function Gauges

Connect with your car in an entirely new way! 0-60, Boost, Temp, Ignition, Shift Light and more!

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Split the bill over three months, interest free - Available on any product, or service we offer.

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